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water, fighting,

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Q: What is super affective against rock types?
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What is effective against Flying type pokemon?

Ice, Rock, and Electric are super affective against flying type

What is rock super effective against?

Water, Ground, Fighting, Steel and Grass-types are all super effective against Rock-type Pokemon.

What is super affective to rock Pokemon?

water type

What type is super effective to rock type?

Water, grass, fighting, ground, and steel types are super effective against rock types.

What type is super effective to fighting?

it is super effective against normal types, ice types, rock types and dark types

What is super effective against crobat?

Rock, electric, ice, and psychic types are super effective against Crobat.

Is grass good against psychic Pokemon?

No, grass is neutral to psychic types. It is only super-effective to water, rock, and ground types.

What types are super effective against electric type Pokemon?

rock and ground

Is a water Pokemon good against the sixth gym in Sapphire?

The 6th gym in Sapphire is Winona, who specialises in Flying type Pokemon, so you should use Electric types, as these are really effective against Flying type Pokemon Thats right all though Winonas strongest will be hurt by ice a,dragon and rock,ice and rock are also super affective to flying types

What is good against murkrow what type?

Electric, Ice and Rock Types are super effective.

What types are super-effective against the flying type in Pokemon?

Rock, electric and ice type moves are super-effective against flying type pokemon.

What is super affective on aerodyctal?

Ice moves, Water moves, Electric moves, Rock moves.