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head lines

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Q: What is something you read in a newspaper and is two words starting with H and L?
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What is read and white and black all over?

a newspaper

What does el periodico mean?

SPA: Leer el periódico ENG: Read the newspaper.

Did Jacqueline kennedy read newspaper?

No, she did articles for the newspaper.

How do i make the penguin read the newspaper?

on the top left corner you will see a newspaper click it you will read it

Can you teach your dog to read?

You can teach them to remember certain words but not read a book or something

Where can one read the newspaper Politiken online?

The website Politiken has the newspaper online. That appears to be really the only place one can read that particular newspaper online. The newspaper is out of Denmark.

What would German women hear on the radio or read in the newspaper about the war during World War 2?

something about the Nazis

If anyone has black mole or moles on their tongue and if they say something it will happen is it true?

i have read in a newspaper that it ll not and its a disease...i too have it

How do you get a comic in the newspaper?

You usually read them in the newspaper or in a comic book

Why should you read the newspaper?

You should read a newspaper to be informed on current local and world events - so as to be intelligent!!!

Did you ever read any newspaper in a foreign language?

yes, I sometimes read English newspaper to improve my English language.

What you do in toilet?

Read the newspaper and smoke