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each unown has its own letter. it is hard to read but you can make out some words. it is in English, so it is not a foreign language

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Q: How do you read the unknown language in Pokemon diamond?
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How do you write the ancient Pokemon language?

Well I know how to read the unknown language, but the ancient Pokemon language that's the only thing about pokemon I DON'T know...But what do you mean? The language formed with the rare pokemon called unknown. Please Write back on what you me.

How do you read Pokemon unknown?

here's a pic of the ABC's in unown and ! ?

How do you get any pokemon in diamond?

catch them (read the instruction booklet)

Is there a website where Pokemon Diamond and Pearl episodes where you can read them?

Yes on wikipedia.

How do you read the walls in the abyssal ruins in Pokemon white?

You should try trading unknown from a Pokemon game because unknown are known to have a spiritual connection with ancient relics and the ruins and their whereabouts.

How do you read unknown language in Pokemon platinum?

Its rather easy just look for letters that are similar to real letters and then fill in the gaps for what fits at the worst you have to capture some unown and it should tell you what letter it represents

How do you get past the flock of Psyduck in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

Read this

Is there a requirement to export Pokemon from FireRed to Diamond and Pearl?

Yes, If you read the manual that came with the game(Pearl or diamond) It said you have to complete your pokedex then go to a garden and you can catch all the Pokemon you export.

How to read braille in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Translate it in your language. or you could get the guide book

What is the action replay code to get unlimited every-poke-ball in Pokemon Diamond?

action replay code to get unlimited every-poke-ball in Pokemon diamond?Read more: What_is_the_action_replay_code_to_get_unlimited_every-poke-ball_in_Pokemon_diamond

Where can you read Pokemon mange? would be your best choice, it even has some of the Diamond/Pearl scans.

What website can you read Pokemon Diamond and Pearl adventures vol.5?