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this is how u get throughbeat snowpoint city gym then get palkia if you have Pokemon pearl or go and get dialga if you have Pokemon dimond then try again then you should be able to get there. ^.^ hope this helps people who read this and it did not work!

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Q: How do you get past the guy with no Pokemon on Pokemon Diamond?
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How do you get past the 2 guy blocking your way to survival area in Pokemon diamond?

get the national pokedex

In Pokemon diamond in veilstone how do you get past the galactic guy in the barn?

All you have to do is Batlle him and get the Galactic key card

How do you get past the fat guy in pokemon diamond?

you need to beat the elite four and then get the national pokedex for Oak.

Pokemon diamond how to get past guy to get to top of mt coronet?

you have to come back later, i think it is after you have finished the game.

How do you get past the guy blocking the cave exit in Pokemon diamond?

you beat the pokemon league and if youre talking about the one on victory road you have to get the national pokedex

How do you get past the guy to get to sunnyshore city in Pokemon diamond on youtube?

First you have to earn 7 gym badge ad then try

How do you get rid of the guy that has Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond?

you don't get past him go back outside and go north and keep on going and you will finally find a cave with palkia or dialgua

In Pokemon diamond what Pokemon is in the egg from the guy in Hearthhome?


How do you get past the guy blocking your way to Pokemon league in diamond?

if u had an ar you could use the walk anywhere cheat to go around him

How do you find a gray guy in Pokemon diamond?

Define 'gray guy', there are lots of special characters in Diamond

What Pokemon comes out of the egg in Pokemon diamond when the guy gives it to you?


What Pokemon Center Is the old guy with the beardin Pokemon diamond?

He is the Daycare Guy- he takes care of your Pokemon for a small fee