What is shadamy?

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Is Shadow and Amy like a couple. Is just a paring.

(Nothing more or nothing less than that)

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Q: What is shadamy?
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Does Sonic the Hedgehog love cream the rabbit?

No. Cream is 9 and Sonic is 23. That's as crazy as Taileam or Shadamy.

Does Sega support ShadAmy?

yes Sega should support Shadamy plus sonic hardly likes Amy and shadow acts different around Amy not like the usual uninterested person and plus everyone must have someone in their life sonic likes sally people wake up and smell the coffee.This answer is completely opinionated. Disregard it and listen to some actual statements from people from SEGA. Obviously opinion varies from person to person, and neither SonAmy or ShadAmy as an actual couple is canon at this point. While it has been stated by writer Ian Flynn that ShadAmy would follow a likely pattern for their character types, Yuji Naka has also stated that Sonic could never settle down and it seems in keeping with Amy's character that she would always chase him. Ultimately SEGA does not hold a solid view, and though personally I see them as toying with the idea of ShadAmy, it's unlikely that either pairing will every truly develop to being a couple, as coupling characters risks killing the appeal of excitement and tension between them.Oh, and to note: Yes, Sonic likes Sally. However, as far as SEGA is concerned, Sally does not exist, therefore this argument is null.

Will Shadow the Hedgehog and Amy Rose have kids?

(NOTE:I am a Shadamy fan.)Well.........scince they are 38 years apart,they have nothing in common,and they would have to do"stuff",if u know wat I mean,probably not.

Is shadamy real?

yea cuz Amy reminds shadow of maria its true its on SAB2(sonic adventure battle 2) * ShadAmy is not stated to be canon or official. Several see it as more of a tease and/or ship tease, but factually, it does not have a "it's canon" claim on it, just like every other fan made pairing in the Sonic Universe. The closet you can get is Amy's officially stated crush on Sonic and Rouge's officially stated crush on Knuckles on Sega's official Sonic Central website, Japanese Sonic Team's Sonic Channel, and Sonic X's official profile. Rouge having a crush on Shadow was a rumor made by outside parties, not a statement made by SonicTeam. Shadow and Amy did have two brief moments in SA2 [apparently the hug scene had some "significance" so to speak on Shadow's end because of him reacting physically when she left], the last scene being the "most direct," if you will, due to whatever "surprisingly non-threatening, but soft voice he held when she first approached him" as Sonic News Network calls it, and then the inevitable, "I have to fulfill my promise to Maria and you." Sonic Battle; Amy's excited to hear about his return and gets angry with Rouge when she tells her he's at the club. Shadow the Hedgehog; she's the "one you earn no reward from for helping" other than an unlockable library addition called, "The Miracle of Love." At the end of the game, she "praises him" so to speak. Usually by other websites, such as Sonic Wiki, or plain Wikipedia, they were said to have a "friendly-based companionship," or Shadow holding "admiration for her" in the main game's canon continuities post-Sonic Adventure regardless of the reasons people want to say. So, it is not entirely fruitless, but it is not canonically "real," as goes for every fandom couple in SonicTeam. No couples are "real," for none of them are mutual, or mutually stated by SEGA, save for perhaps SonAmy. They are all teases, so perhaps ShadAmy was another, yet much smaller, tease. But this pair, like any other, is simply the way fans wish to interpret it.

Does shadow love Amy at all?

Well, ShadAmy fans....some think that Shadow like Amy... wash this is seem like Shadow like Amy when he said "I figured...." Shadow only talks to Amy with his solf-talk(or something like that I will say he talks to Amy with his Deep "hot" voice) Amy don't seem Shadow bad she respect him because she is the only one that see him cry and because of that she don't hate or dislike him. Amy shows affection and faith specially in Shadow the Hedgehog game. When Rouge say's "I hope he is okay" and Amy responds" of course he is okay after all he is Shadow!" Shadow wont and NEVER want to hurt Amy of any way 1. Amy remind Maria true wish 2. Amy and Maria have almost the same personality 3. Shadow is nice to girls Shadow is trying to not make friends because he is SCARED that he is going to lose them so I think that's why Shadow don't see her as a friend because he is scared to lose her (a trough we don't know if he consider her as a friend) to answers your question Shadow does love Amy as a friend.

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Does shadamy is the popular couple?

to me, i believe that yes, shadamy is a popular couple. It depends how you look at it.

Does the couple 'Shadamy exist'?

Shadow the hedgehog and Amy Rose are not a couple,so theres no such thing as 'Shadamy'.It stinks because Im a 'Shadamy' fan.I dont know why,but I think they would make a great couple.

Do people like shadouge more than Shadamy?

In terms of popularity I say ShadAmy ranks 3rd while Shadouge ranks 5th. Sonadow SonAmy ShadAmy Knuxouge Shadouge ShadAmy and Knuxouge was pretty popular back in 2001-2004, heck, Shadouge didn't even EXIST back then!

Who wins in the battle of sonamy and shadamy?

SonAmy wins there is no hope for ShadAmy Sonic asks Amy out remember and besides Shadow doesn't love Amy he Loves Maria

Is shadamy a possible clouple?

i believe it to be an old old wooden ship

Who is better knuxamy or shadamy?

well some people think it is Shadamy but its actually Knuxamyand don't blame me knuckles saves Amy and helps her shadow doesnt he killes her on youtube knuckles never doesIt is Shadamy because Shadow made a promise to Amy in Space Colony Ark. I don't remember Knuckles risking his life to save the planet and Amy so it is totally Shadamy. Anyways that was on youtube

What do you think about Sonamy and Shadamy?

Well,I first have to tell you that both of these parings are "fan-made". But, Shadamy....I think of it as a brother and sister relationship . But my likings of these parings are MY opinion. Most people will despise Sonamy and adore Shadamy, and some people will pour out their heart and soul on these couples. Yet, many people are diffrent, and there is no wrong or right answer on these two "couples".

Do people like Shadamy?

Well some do like SonAmy or Shadouge you can't pick its hard for me cause I see sonamy videos and shadamy too like Shadow likes amy and Amy likes sonic hard I tell you hard

Does Amy ever gets EMO?

If you like ShadAmy yes she does (I seen it many times now)

Do shadow and Amy go out?

No! And if someone else asks this question i will die, because shadamy is stupid!

What do you think about shadamy?

Shadow and Amy have a more "sister and brother" relationship. There is no proof of any crushes or likings. And they are a fan-made couple. My opinion is that I really don't like them together (as a couple). But many fans out there like them as one. There is no right or wrong answer about Shadamy.

Are there more people who like the couple shadamy?

well acually there is a like tie between shadamy and sonamy couples. because if i asked all of my friends which couple they would pick they would say shadamy. because they know the couple and they love that couple. they think its cute. so there. i agree with the facts. i can get a graph and prove it. i just need to find the graph i saw last time. so ya thank you for looking up this question...:)

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