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The most popular PC game is World of War Craft.

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Q: What is most popular game for PC in the world?
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What is the most popular PC shooter game?

There is no agreement upon what the most popular pc shooter game is, for it is all opinion. However, the most popular answer to that question seems to be Call of Duty.

Which is better League of Legends or Heroes of Newerth?

League of Legends is a very popular game. It has 32.8 million users and is the Most Played PC Game in the World.

What is the most favourite game of PC in the world?


Which is the most popular PC game?

i think Assassin's creed or call of duty

What are the top 10 most popular PC magazines in the US?

PC Magazine, PC World and Family PC are among the top ten most popular PC magazines in the US. Others are: PC Advisor, PC Gamer, PC and Tech Authority, Wired, Laptop, Maximum PC and PC Computing.

What is the most popular RTS game?

The most popular RTS (Real Time Strategy) game is League of Legends. It is played all over the world and tournaments are hosted in all continents for money. It is now officially the most played PC game in the world and has 32.8 million users. It is created by the company Riot Games and can be downloaded from the link in the Related Links section.

500 bitfenix prodigy pc build for steam and minecraft Case only?

Minecraft is a popular game. In this game you get to build a world.

Is World of Warcraft the most PC game played?

yes it is #1 online game baby!! :D

What platforms was the the video game adaptation of Saw released on?

The video game adaptation of SAW was released on various platforms such as PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. It was most popular (meaning most bought) on PC. It is not available for the Wii.

Who makes the best war game for PC?

Call of Duty 4 is the best and most popular war in my opinion.However you'll need a pretty good PC to play it.

How popular The Sims?

it was the greatest PC game of all time until world of warcraft was published. I think that's just your opinyon.

What's the most popular online RPG for the PC?

EverQuest II: The Shadow Odyssey for PC is one of the most popular RPG around.