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Q: What is harder a emerald or a Dimond?
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What is more precious than emerald?


Is emerald harder than diamond?

No. Diamond is harder than emerald.

How do you get reggie rock on Pokemon dimond?

Migrate it from ruby sapphire emerald

Can you get duskanoir in emerald?

No you can't you can catch it noly in pokemon dimond pearl or platinum

How do you get regirock in dimond?

You cannot get Regirock in Diamond without migrating one from Ruby, Sapphire or Emerald.

How do you get mew on dimond?

Trade it from emerald using pal park or use an action replay to get it in emerald you need the old sea map from the Pokemon fiesta event in 2005

How do you get to faraway island on Pokemon dimond?

You don't. You can only get to Faraway Island in Southern Hoenn, during Pokemon Emerald.

Where do you find a Ditto on Pokemon Pearl?

you can't catch a ditto on Pokemon pearl or dimond but you can migrate from fire red or emerald

How do you find the master ball in emerald?

Try harder

How do you get mewto on emerld?

Unfortuenetly u cant catch mewto on emerald only on fire and dimond and pearl! SORRY SUCKERS!!!!!!!

How do you get regice in dimond?

You can only catch it in Ruby, Sapphire or Emerald and migrate it over. If you get an event Regigigas on Pokemon Platinum you can catch Regice there.

Is Relicanth or Volbeat harder to find in Emerald?

relicanth for sure.