What is good against Spiritomb?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Nothing Spiritomb has no weaknesses whatsoever that's whats cool about him


well what you could do is have a Pokemon that has foresight then use a fight type move,that's how i did it!

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Q: What is good against Spiritomb?
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What type is spiritomb weak against?

Spiritomb is Dark/Ghost and has no type weaknesses.

Good moves for a spiritomb?

One good move for spiritomb is dark pulse. One good move for spiritomb is dark pulse.

What kinds of moves are most effective against Spiritomb in Pokemon?

Spiritomb is ghost and dark type. Fighting is good against dark but it doesn't affect ghost. Use................................................... anything besides psychic, fighting, and normal.

What type of Pokemon can beat spiritomb?

nothing is super effective against spiritomb and sableye

What is strong against Spiritomb?


What is effective against spiritomb?

though nothing is naturally supereffective against ghost/dark Pokemon like spiritomb and sableye, if a Pokemon uses foresight, fighting moves become supereffective if neither Pokemon are switched out. good luck!

What type is good against Spiritomb?

Spiritomb is a Ghost/Dark Pokémon, and is therefore not affected by type advantage attacks. Your best strategy is a strong Pokémon that can induce a 1HKO before it has an oppitunity to attack.

What is super effective against Spiritomb?


Can i battle sumeone with a Spiritomb?

Well, Cynthia the Champion battles using a Spiritomb... ___________________________________________________ other person: twilightpokecream (pronounced twi-light-poke (like Pokemon only short)-cream) Cynthia the Champion of the Sinnoh Elite Four battles using a Spiritomb. It's the first Pokemon she battles with when you first start! The best Pokemon to use against it since its not very effective against weak Pokemon is to use 60+ leveled Pokemon against it! Good Luck!

What is super effective against Spiritomb in Diamond?

The only way I know of to get a super effective hit on spiritomb is to have a Pokemon use foresight on it and then attack it with a fight type move.

Is a Spiritomb a good Pokemon?

Spiritomb is considered to be a somewhat good Pokémon. What lets it down is its very low speed stat. He is good at countering Reuniclus and Deoxys.

Rate my team please Bayleef Blastoise Blaziken Alakazam Medicham Spiritomb Spiritomb might be replaced with darkria?

i love the roster you picked... that is a very good question about spiritomb and darkrai. spiritomb has no weaknesses but darkrai is susceptible to fighting and bug so i can't really help you there