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gnome chopiliski or i cant spell its name its a gnome you try to win in the left for dead 2 dark carnival part 2 you can use it to wack Zombies and if you last 5 levels until you survive and beat the concert with gnome chopoliki you get an acheivement it will be hard make sure you take your time and try to find gnome chopoliski

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Q: What is gnome kmogski in left for dead 2?
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Where is the gnome in Left 4 dead 2?

You get him from a shoot-out game on the second level of Dead Carnival.

Where Is Gnome Chomsky in Left 4 Dead 2?

in the shoot out mini game

Does the gnome take place of the health pack avatar award if you rescue the gnome in Left 4 Dead 2 for Xbox 360?

No, saving the gnome gives you a shirt. You can still earn the health pack.

On sims 2 pets wii how do you get the cheat gnome to come up?

I'm not sure how to access the cheat gnome, but once you know the cheat gnome (or master code) hold down B and press up, left, down, right.

Should you get left for dead 2 or army of 2 40th day?

Left 4 Dead 2!!

Is left for dead 1 better than left for dead 2?


Is there split screen on left for dead 2?

Yes there is split screen for left 4 dead 2.

Where can you download an original left 4 dead 2?

left 4 dead 2 can be downloaded from Steam

Is left for dead on xbox?

yea so is left 4 dead 2

Will there be a left 4 dead 3 if so will it have the left 4 dead 2 characters?

no, left 4 dead 3 would not have the same characters as in 1 or 2

Is there a dawn of the dead video game?

Actually, Left for Dead and Left for Dead 2 are based on the remade Dawn of the Dead.

Can two players play left for dead 2?

4 players can play in Left 4 Dead 2.