What is enchanting?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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to place under a spell; be witch

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Q: What is enchanting?
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Can you write an sentence with enchanting in it?

A sentnce that uses enchanting is: The castle on the top of the hill was so enchanting.

When was Enchanting melodies created?

Enchanting melodies was created in 2003.

When was The Enchanting Verses created?

The Enchanting Verses was created in 2008.

Enchanting use it in a sentence?

The way in which you asked that question was positively enchanting.

What is the duration of The Enchanting Shadow?

The duration of The Enchanting Shadow is 1.38 hours.

When was The Enchanting Shadow created?

The Enchanting Shadow was created on 1960-08-17.

What is an adjective for enchanting?

Enchanting is an adjective, as well as a verb form. It is the present participle of the verb, to enchant.

What does 'enchanting' mean?

nice to meet you

What is enchanting in noun form?

The word 'enchanting' is a noun form, a gerund, the present participle of a verb that functions as a noun in a sentence. Example: This is a special book of spells used for enchanting.

What is a sentence using the word enchanting?

"The young girl had blonde hair and such beautiful, enchanting, brown eyes!"

Are rivers enchanted?

No, but they can be enchanting.

What characters from Greek mythology can be described as enchanting?

All of the Gods and Goddesses are supposed to be "enchanting" or attractive. Except Hephestus