What is cheese from sonic x?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Cheese is a chao(pronounced: "chow"). He flies around Cream who is a rabbit. Cheese helps Cream when she can't fly anymore with her ears.

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Q: What is cheese from sonic x?
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Is Sonic X based on The Sonic Advance series or the Sonic Adventure series?

Sonic X's first season sports an original storyline, and the second is mostly based on the Sonic Adventure games and Sonic Battle. Sonic X doesn't follow the story of Sonic Advance games, though it does feature Cream and Cheese from the Sonic Advance series.

Who is Cheese on Sonic X?

Cheese is a little friend of Cream the Rabbit that follows Cream around places. Cheese helps Cream give idea's of what to do next. Cream and Cheese is considered as a Sonic couple. Anyway Cheese is also a Chaos. Chaos's are really rare in Sonics world

What sonic game or movie or video does the song Super Sonic come from?

It is in the (Sonic X) Series with rogue the bat cream & cheese the rabbit and the rat, but the song does get played in (Sonic X) im not completely sure though but from watching all the episodes im 85%100 sure that its played in (Sonic X) also supersonic is (Origional sonic the hedgehog but with all the emerelds 7 emerelds that transform him into super sonic.

What does sonic hate?


Does sonic have grilled cheese?


What Sonic TV series is after Sonic x?

there is no animated sonic tv series after sonic x. sonic x IS the last sonic TV series.

How old is cheese from sonic?

she is 3

When will hyper Sonic be in Sonic x?

Hyper sonic was never shown in sonic x it was just for the game

Is silver on sonic x?

No he does not come out on sonic x

In what episode of sonic x does sally kiss sonic?

Sally isn't in Sonic X

What is the x in sonic x for?

As in SONIC ANONYMOUS The "X" means "X-tream" NN96

At the end of sonic x did sonic get back to planet x?

no he did not