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Charcoal is an held item. It boosts the power of FIRE-type moves.

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Q: What is charcoal in Pokemon FireRed?
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What does charcoal do in Pokemon FireRed?

Charcoal raises the power of fire type moves by 10% from generation I-III, therefore including FireRed.

Where to get staryu in firered?

In Pokemon firered you can't, but in Pokemon leafgreen you can get it then trade it to Pokemon firered.

How do you get to the Pokemon convention in Pokemon FireRed?

There is no Pokemon convention in firered.

How do you catch Pokemon FireRed on PC?

To get Pokemon firered on PC download a vba and Pokemon firered ROM

Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon FireRed?

Yes there are shiny Pokemon in firered

How do you get the ninth badge in Pokemon FireRed?

It is not possible to get a ninth badge in Pokemon FireRed. You can only get eight badges in Pokemon FireRed.

How do you catch HM 8 on Pokemon FireRed?

You cannot get it in Pokemon FireRed. It doesn't matter because it is not necessary in Pokemon FireRed.

Where do you find serebii in Pokemon FireRed?

Celebi cannot be found in Pokemon FireRed. The only way to get Celebi in Pokemon FireRed is receiving it from an event distribution. These events are sadly no longer supported for Pokemon FireRed.

Where can you find charcoal in Pokemon FireRed?

Go to celadon city and enter the game corner and win about 2000 coins then go into the prize exchange and talk to the far left window here you can buy stuff like charcoal or miracle seed or mystic water.

On Pokemon Emerald how do you get a Charcoal?

If you want a charcoal on Pokemon Emerald Talk to the old Man inside the Herb Shop in lavaridge town. He will give the charcoal. When held by a Pokemon,the Charcoal raises the power of its Fire-Type Moves.

Where is Wonder News in Pokemon FireRed?

There is no Wonder News in Pokemon FireRed, whatever that is.

How do you get to johoto in Pokemon FireRed?

You can't go to Johto in Pokemon FireRed or LeafGreen.