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The only Bird-type Pokémon are Missingno. and 'M Block. They are not weak to or resistant to anything.

Flying-type Pokémon, however, resist Bug, Fighting, and Grass. They are weak to Electric, Ice, and Rock. They are immune to Ground.

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Q: What is bird type pokemons weakness?
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What is a fighting pokemons weakness?

flying type psychic type

What is a leaf type pokemons weakness?

poison fire flying and ice

What are normal pokemons weakness?


Is the weakness of a Pokemon based on attack or type?

Both. If your attack is good against another pokemons TYPE then it will be super effective. If your pokemons type resists their attack then it will be not very effective. Water attack is super effective against fire.

What are phsycic pokemons weakness?

guys i think pysic pokemons had weakness to normal type normal Pokemon have a weakness to physic Pokemon Kulmblach789 Pysic Poke have a weakness to dark ATks

What are the elite four's weakness in Pokemon black?

They can oly be defeated by their pokemons weakness so if you buy a few max potions and revives then you and have 1 of each really just not normal type

What is the weakness of fighting type pokemon?

fighting type pokemons weakness are psychic and flying moves steel is weak aageinst water fire fighting and ground

What are aarons pokemons weakness on Pokemon Platinum?

Ground, fighting and water.

What are psychic pokemons weakness?

EDIT: and dark. physical

What attacks are the weakness of fire type Pokemon?

Mostly fire element's weaknesses are Water and Ice.....BUT...on some fire type Pokemon's Weaknesses also include Psychic.....Happy Training you Pokemons!

What is Giovanni's pokemons weakness?

Well he uses Ground and Poison types. So, generally use Ice, Psychic, Water, and Grass. But if you use Grass type attacks on Nidoking or Nidoqueen, Poison-ground types, they take normal damage. he uses ground type so use water and ice type and fire or just use the legendary bird trio if you have catched them

Psychic pokemons weakness in Pokemon Platinum?

every game has the same types and weaknesses. as usual psychic is weak to bug and dark type Pokemon in all games, not just Pokemon's also weak to ghost