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Q: What is better in minecraft iron boots or an iron helmet?
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What can you craft on minecraft with 52 iron ingots?

you can craft a pickaxe,sword,helmet,chest plate,boots,trousers,flint and steel,etc. More on

In adventure quest where do you get iron helmet?

You have to go to Dragonstone and then become a dragonslayer and go to the store it ain't an iron helmet but it's as affordable and waaaayyyy better

What tool do you use to mine iron in Minecraft for PS3?

For Vanilla Minecraft, you will need a stone pickaxe (or better) to mine iron ore.

How do you mine redstone on MInecraft?

With an iron pickaxe or better.

How do you break iron in minecraft?

To break iron in Minecraft, you need a stone pickaxe or better. Anything lower and it will break and drop nothing.

Is gold or iron armor better to wear is minecraft?

Gold armor provides better health regeneration and protection than iron armor does.

Is chain mail protection 1 better then iron armour Minecraft?

they're the same

How do you make boots in minecraft?

to make boots in minecraft, put a leather/iron/gold/fire/diamond ingot/item in the side slots of the bottom 2 rows on the crafting grid, like so: _ = empty, B= block/ingot/etc _ _ _ B _ B B _ B

Why was the iron helmet import for the Romans?

The iron helmet or the metal helmet, was important to the Romans because it kept the fighting men from getting their heads bashed in.

What would your maximum hit on runescape be if you are wearing an mithril scimitar iron legs no boots iron full helmet iron platebody and a ironkite sh xil shield?

The max hit of a player is not just on their weapons & equipments. That depends on what your strength/attack level is.

How do you make clothing in Minecraft?

To make armor, you need to find diamonds, iron, gold or leather. You get leather by killing cows, and diamonds, gold and iron by mining. There are 4 different types of armors in Minecraft: chestplate, boots, leggings and helmet. You can use any type of material mentioned above, but they have different durability and resistance. Anyway, they can be crafted like this (E = Empty, M = Any material): Chestplate: M E M M M M M M M Boots: E E E M E M M E M Leggings: M M M M E M M E M Helmet: M M M M E M E E E To put it on, go into your inventory and drag the armor to the slot next to the picture of your character. Make sure to put the armor in the logical spot (leggings on legs, chestplate on torso, helmet on head, boots on feet).

How do you collect gold on minecraft?

You have to mine it using an Iron pick or better.