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In minecraft,in order to get iron ore out of a mined block of iron you need to smelt the iron ore block in a furnace.

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Q: How do you get iron out of an iron ore in minecraft?
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What can you make out of iron ore in Minecraft?

The only thing you can do with Iron Ore in Minecraft is smelt it in a furnace to get Iron Ingots.

How do you make iron ore on Minecraft?

You cannot 'make' iron ore, you find it underground.

How do you make sentence for ore?

how can you find iron ore in minecraft.

How do you get iron with iron ore minecraft?

You have to mine iron ore and coal make a furnace and melt the iron ore to make iron ingot. Update: THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!!!!!

What is the best ore in Minecraft?

Iron ore is often viewed as the best ore in Minecraft because it can be used to create so many things.

How do you find iron ore in minecraft?

You can go mining underground, at about the level 5-54, you can find iron ore.

What do you mine iron ore with minecraft?

A stonepickaxe or higher.

How do you make iron out of iron ore?

in minecraft you open you inventory and place the iron ore in the crafting spot and you get iron (in minecraft my name is taylor_swift12 [you can find me on insane craft witch i think is on the westycraft website]) {See you there}

How do you make steal on Minecraft?

There is no steel in minecraft. You're referring to iron, and you need to smelt iron ore in a furnace.

How to make iron in Minecraft?

You use at least a ston pickaxe and mine iron ore. Smelt the ore in a furnace to make iron ingots.

Where to find iron ore expet lava in minecraft?

Iron ore is found commonly wherever there is also stone to be found.

What is the Minecraft ID for iron?

Iron ingot: 265 Iron block: 42 Iron ore: 15