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Main Entry: program Part of Speech: nounDefinition: agenda, list Synonyms: affairs, appointments, arrangements, bill, bulletin, business, calendar, card, catalog, chores, curriculum, details, docket, happenings, index, lineup, listing, meetings, memoranda, necessary acts, order of business*, order of events, order of the day, plan, plans, preparations, record, schedule, series of events, slate, syllabus, things to do, timetable Main Entry: program Part of Speech: noun Definition: scheme, plan Synonyms: course, design, instructions, line, order, plan of action, policy, polity, procedure, project, sequence Main Entry: program Part of Speech: nounDefinition: An organized list, as of procedures, activities, or events. Synonyms: agenda, calendar, docket, lineup, order of the day, schedule, timetable hope this helps! i got these from THE SYNONYMS ARE THERES NOT MINE!!!!

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Q: What is another word meaning chores or tasks?
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