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There's nothing like that though... The only code that I know that uses the calculator is the Pokemon modifier code

There are other codes that use the calculator, it's just used to change a variable within the game. I'm trying to find the code that uses it, and have it replace the first item in a Pokemart.

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Q: What is an item modifier for Pokemon Platinum that uses the Calculator?
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How do you use the wild Pokemon modifier on Pokemon platinum?

you have to delete masterballs in your item slot till you have the right number as the Pokemon in the pokedex you want, then walk in grass holding L button

How do you get platinum in Pokemon platinum?

There's no such item/pokemon. Do you mean Giratina?

Where is the berry juice in Pokemon Diamond?

Berry juice is a item that gives 20HP. It's where abouts are unknown, but you can get it with the Pokemon modifier. A Pokemon modifier is a cheat.

How do you give an item to a friend on Pokemon platinum?

give the item to a Pokemon and then trade that Pokemon.

How do you clone an item on Pokemon platinum?

I think if you clone a Pokemon which holds an item the item is cloned too. and...

Can you get an item that you sold back in Pokemon platinum?


How do you get a anplogionin Pokemon platnium?

There is no item or Pokemon called an anplogionin in Pokemon Platinum.

What are some Pokemon crystal gameshark codes?

1st Pokemon: Infinite HP 910301dd91e702dd910303dd91e704dd 1st Pokemon: Max Level 9164fedc 1st Pokemon: Max Stats 910305dd91e706dd910307dd91e708dd910309dd91e70add91030bdd91e70cdd91030ddd91e70edd 1st Pokemon: Pokemon Modifier 91xxd8dc 2nd Pokemon: Infinite HP 910331dd91e732dd910333dd91e734dd 2nd Pokemon: Max Level 91642edc 2nd Pokemon: Max Stats 910335dd91e736dd910337dd91e738dd910339dd91e73add91033bdd91e73cdd91033ddd91e73edd 2nd Pokemon: Pokemon Modifier 91xxd9dc 3rd Pokemon: Infinite HP 910361dd91e762dd910363dd91e764dd 3rd Pokemon: Max Level 91645edc 3rd Pokemon: Max Stats 910365dd91e766dd910367dd91e768dd910369dd91e76add91036bdd91e76cdd91036ddd91e76edd 3rd Pokemon: Pokemon Modifier 91xxdadc 4th Pokemon: Infinite HP 910391dd91e792dd910393dd91e794dd 4th Pokemon: Max Level 91648edc 4th Pokemon: Max Stats 910395dd91e796dd910397dd91e798dd910399dd91e79add91039bdd91e79cdd91039ddd91e79edd 4th Pokemon: Pokemon Modifier 91xxdbdc 5th Pokemon: Infinite HP 9103c1dd91e7c2dd9103c3dd91e7c4dd 5th Pokemon: Max Level 9164bedc 5th Pokemon: Max Stats 9103c5dd91e7c6dd9103c7dd91e7c8dd9103c9dd91e7cadd9103cbdd91e7ccdd9103cddd91e7cedd 5th Pokemon: Pokemon Modifier 91xxdcdc 6th Pokemon: Infinite HP 9103f1dd91e7f2dd9103f3dd91e7f4dd 6th Pokemon: Max Level 9164eedc 6th Pokemon: Max Stats 9103f5dd91e7f6dd9103f7dd91e7f8dd9103f9dd91e7fadd9103fbdd91e7fcdd9103fddd91e7fedd 6th Pokemon: Pokemon Modifier 91xxdddc Have All Badges 91ff57d891ff58d8 Infinite Money 910f4ed891424fd8913f50d8 Catch Any Pokemon 91xx04d2 Enemy Level Modifier (In Battle) 91xx13d2 1 Hit Enemy Kills 910017d2 All Pokemon in Pokedex 910f99de91ff9ade91ff9bde91ff9cde91ff9dde91ff9ede91ff9fde91ffa0de91ffa1de91ffa2de91ffa3de91ffa4de91ffa5de91ffa6de91ffa7de91ffa8de91ffa9de91ffaade91ffabde91ffacde91ffadde91ffaede91ffafde91ffb0de91ffb1de91ffb2de91ffb3de91ffb4de91ffb5de91ffb6de91ffb7de91ffb8de91ffb9de91ffbade91ffbbde91ffbcde91ffbdde91ffbede91ffbfde91ffc0de91ffc1de91ffc2de91ffc3de91ffc4de91ffc5de91ffc6de91ffc7de91ffc8de91ffc9de91ffcade91ffcbde91ffccde91ffcdde91ffcede91ffcfde91ffd0de91ffd1de91ffd2de91ffd3de91ffd4de91ffd5de91ffd6de91ffd7de910fd8de Pkmn1 Move1 Mod 91xxe1dc Pkmn1 Move2 Mod 91xxe2dc Pkmn1 Move3 Mod 91xxe3dc Pkmn1 Move4 Mod 91xxe4dc Pkmn2 Move1 Mod 91xx11dd Pkmn2 Move2 Mod 91xx11dd Pkmn2 Move3 Mod 91xx11dd Pkmn2 Move4 Mod 91xx11dd Pkmn3 Move1 Mod 91xx41dd Pkmn3 Move2 Mod 91xx41dd Pkmn3 Move3 Mod 91xx41dd Pkmn3 Move4 Mod 91xx41dd Pkmn4 Move1 Mod 91xx71dd Pkmn4 Move2 Mod 91xx72dd Pkmn4 Move3 Mod 91xx73dd Pkmn4 Move4 Mod 91xx74dd Pkmn5 Move1 Mod 91xxa1dd Pkmn5 Move2 Mod 91xxa1dd Pkmn5 Move3 Mod 91xxa1dd Pkmn5 Move4 Mod 91xxa1dd Pkmn6 Move1 Mod 91xxd1dd Pkmn6 Move2 Mod 91xxd1dd Pkmn6 Move3 Mod 91xxd1dd Pkmn6 Move4 Mod 91xxd1dd Pkmn1 Max PP 9163f6dc9163f7dc9163f8dc9163f9dc Pkmn2 Max PP 916326dd916327dd916328dd916329dd Pkmn3 Max PP 916356dd916357dd916358dd916359dd Pkmn4 Max PP 916386dd916387dd916388dd916389dd Pkmn5 Max PP 9163b6dd9163b7dd9163b8dd9163b9dd Pkmn6 Max PP 9163e6dd9163e7dd9163e8dd9163e9dd Infinite Master Balls:Submitted by: Poké**Gurl 9101D8D8 Infinite Balls Slot 1 9163d9d8 Infinite Balls Slot 2 9163dbd8 Infinite Balls Slot 3 9163ddd8 Infinite Balls Slot 4 9163dfd8 Infinite Balls Slot 5 9163e1d8 Infinite Balls Slot 6 9163e3d8 Infinite Balls Slot 7 9163e5d8 Infinite Balls Slot 8 9163e7d8 Infinite Balls Slot 9 9163e9d8 Infinite Balls Slot 10 9163ebd8 Infinite Balls Slot 11 9163edd8 Infinite Balls Slot 12 9163efd8 Ball Slot 1 Modifier 91xxd8d8 Ball Slot 2 Modifier 91xxdad8 Ball Slot 3 Modifier 91xxdcd8 Ball Slot 4 Modifier 91xxded8 Ball Slot 5 Modifier 91xxe0d8 Ball Slot 6 Modifier 91xxe2d8 Ball Slot 7 Modifier 91xxe4d8 Ball Slot 8 Modifier 91xxe6d8 Ball Slot 9 Modifier 91xxe8d8 Ball Slot 10 Modifier 91xxead8 Ball Slot 11 Modifier 91xxecd8 Ball Slot 12 Modifier 91xxeed8 Enable Scrolling For BallsReplace xx with the amount of ball slots you are using. Use the Pokemon LevelModifiers for the digits. 91xxd7d8 Infinite Item Slot 1 916394d8 Infinite Item Slot 2 916396d8 Infinite Item Slot 3 916398d8 Infinite Item Slot 4 91639ad8 Infinite Item Slot 5 91639cd8 Infinite Item Slot 6 91639ed8 Infinite Item Slot 7 9163a0d8 Infinite Item Slot 8 9163a2d8 Infinite Item Slot 9 9163a4d8 Infinite Item Slot 10 9163a6d8 Infinite Item Slot 11 9163a8d8 Infinite Item Slot 12 9163aad8 Infinite Item Slot 13 9163acd8 Infinite Item Slot 14 9163aed8 Infinite Item Slot 15 9163b0d8 Infinite Item Slot 16 9163b2d8 Infinite Item Slot 17 9163b4d8 Item Slot 1 Modifier 91xx93d8 Item Slot 2 Modifier 91xx95d8 Item Slot 3 Modifier 91xx97d8 Item Slot 4 Modifier 91xx99d8 Item Slot 5 Modifier 91xx9bd8 Item Slot 6 Modifier 91xx9dd8 Item Slot 7 Modifier 91xx9fd8 Item Slot 8 Modifier 91xxa1d8 Item Slot 9 Modifier 91xxa3d8 Item Slot 10 Modifier 91xxa5d8 Item Slot 11 Modifier 91xxa7d8 Item Slot 12 Modifier 91xxa9d8 Item Slot 13 Modifier 91xxabd8 Item Slot 14 Modifier 91xxadd8 Item Slot 15 Modifier 91xxafd8 Item Slot 16 Modifier 91xxb1d8 Item Slot 17 Modifier 91xxb3d8 Enable Scrolling For Items:Replace xx with the amount of item slots you are using. 91xx92d8

Where is Pokerader in Pokemon Platinum?

The Pokeradar is an item that you get in Pokemon Platinum. You get it from Professor Oak after completing the Shinoh Pokedex.

What item does pikachu hold in Pokemon platinum?


Where do you get the item protecter in Pokemon platinum?

in rout 228

How do you activate the Pokemon modifier on Pokemon Pearl?

u press L+R and u should get 493 master balls in ur item bag but it only depends on ur modifier

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