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To level up a Pokemon quickly, go to Victory Road. In slot one of your party, put a strong Pokemon (level 55+ minimum). In any other slot, put the Pokemon you want to level up, holding the Exp. Share. Battle the wild Pokemon and trainers in Victory Road to level up your Pokemon.

NOTE: Do NOT use Rare Candies. Although th elevel up your Pokemon, they do not raise the attack, sp. attack, defence, etc. of that Pokemon. Also, do NOT leave your Pokemon at the daycare center. They will delete a random move when your Pokemon is trying to learn a new one. The Pokemon's happiness will drop, making it harder to evolve some Pokemon if maxed happiness is needed for evolution (such as Golbat --> Crobat)

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Q: What is an easy way to level up Pokemon?
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Can you get your pokemon lv x an easy way without the action replay?

There is an easy way to get your Pokemon to a certain level. All you need to do is collect rare candy and use it on the Pokemon you want to level. This will automatically level up your Pokemon.

Is there a easy way to level up fast in Pokemon diamond?

keep battling Pokemon and people

What is a easy way to level up pokemon?

Give them rare candies which increase a pokemons level by one.

What is an easy way to level up Pokemon in diamond?

well u could train alot or

Pokemon Pearl easy level up?

Easy play well

How can you level up Wingull in Pokemon Emerald?

Easy way to do this is to give it the item exp share then use your stronger Pokemon to defeat trainers your wingull soon will level up and evolve.

What is the easiest way to get to 100 in Pokemon red mystery dungeon?

there is no easy way to get to level 100 just stock up on joy seeds until you have enough for all your pokemon or just the pokemon you want to be at level 100.

How do you level up Pokemon fast and easy?

rare candy

What is the best way to level up your Pokemon in ruby?

the best way to level up your Pokemon in ruby would be battling the elite 4

What is an easy quick way to level up a Pokemon to Level 100?

Battle the Elete Four over and over again and eventually your Pokémon will get to lv. 100.

I have a Gabite but it's only a lv27 is there an easy way to get Garchomp on Pokemon Diamond?

well just level it up, that's basically it

What is a easy way to level up Pokemon in leafgreen?

The fastest way I know is Exp. share. A really easy way is to put your highest level Pokemon in front and give the Exp. share to a weak Pokemon (Level 1-25). Go to Victory Road (fly to Indigo Plateau) and defeat as many Pokemon as possible. Another way for higher-leveled Pokemon is to defeat as many people as possible using the Vs. seeker. You put it in front and find an area with Pokemon around the same level (or weaker). That should work.

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