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you have to turn off the game and then get a life

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Q: What is an easy way to beat level 3 on pipe extreme?
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How do you get the extreme bike in pipe riders?

To get the extreme bike on pipe riders you have to beat all the levels on timed levels

How do you beat level 3 on this is the only level?

Just walk through the pipe, there is no gate blocking it

How do you beat this is the only level 3 stage 20?

Input "stage" then "pipe"

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How do you do level one on this is the only level?

on this level it is not even necessary to press the red button. Make sure you have enough block space and then jump behind the gate or bar or pole or whatever you like to call it. The ground will collapse and you will land in front of the pipe but you will not beat the level unless you run through the pipe, quickly.

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How do you unlock the extreme bike in pipe riders?

go to

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