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I got 48. I'm a 5th grade girl.

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Q: What is an average pacer test score for a 5th grader?
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Is 149 a good score for a 12 year old girl on the pacer test?

Yes, 149 is a fantastic score. The pacer test starts off slow and gains... well, pace. Not only is it testing someone's speed, but also their stamina! 149 is quite a remarkable score for anyone. Congratulations!

Is 225 a good score on a 6th grade math map test?

It depends on your school. In a regular school the average For a fifth grader is 220 so a 6th grader would have about 225 .So that is a good score you have passed the MAP.

Where did the PACER test originate?

Pacer fun pacer good

Are you considered stupid if you got a 15 on your ACT test?

You are not considered stupid, but your score for that particular test is below average.

What does a score of 1499 for your sixth grader MEAN?

Depends on the test. Not enough info to answer.

What is a good score for an IQ test?

The average score on an IQ test is about 100. If you score higher than that, your score will be above average.

What is the average score per day in a test match?

123 is the average score in a days play in a test match....

Is a 241 a good score for the seventh grade Reading MAP test?

A score of 241 on the seventh grade Reading MAP test is generally considered to be above average. However, the interpretation of the score may vary depending on the standardized scoring scale used by the test provider. It's important to compare the score to the national average or percentile rank to get a better understanding of the student's performance.

What is the name of the test to test your cardiovascular fitness?

PACER test

What is a 108 on a IQ test score?

The test is designed so that a score of 100 is average; 108 is slightly above average.

Is a 117 a good IQ score for a first grader?

It is above the average of 100, or the average spread which is 90 to 110. That is usually taken as "good". Of course, what kind of IQ test is a factor. And how valid IQ tests are is a factor.

What is the Average yoyo test record?

The average score for the yoyo test is around 12.2. The highest score recorded in the level 1 test was a 14.6.