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I believe the correct word would be a "monarch"

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Q: What is a word that means a ruler with absolute power?
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How do you spell desbed?

The word sought may be "despot" (a ruler with absolute power).

What is a ruler with absolute power and authority and whose word must be obeyed?


Where did the word monarchy originate?

The word monarch comes from the Greek word monàrches which refereed to a sole and absolute ruler. The word monarchy was then derived from this.

What is the origin of the word despotism?

The word comes from the Greek word "despotes" which means master or a person of absolute power. It is now generally used to describe a form of government.

What is another word for absolute power?


What does the word une regle mean in french?

It means a ruler or one ruler.

What word means an unjust ruler?

An unjust ruler might be called a tyrant.

What is an assassination and what does it mean?

The word is usually refereed when a ruler , leader 0f a country is assassinated, which means he is shot or murdered , to get him out of power and the way.

How can you use the word tsar in a sentence?

The tsar was the absolute ruler of his empire, although this was mainly through subordinate leaders. The Slavic word tsar is a form of the word czar, which in modern use means an individual in overall authority for a government function.

What is a sentence using the word despot?

Despot is a word used to point out a person who has absolute power and uses it in a cruel or mean way. A sentence would be, Hitler was a despot person.

A word meaning 'absolute power ' beginning with A?


What rhymes with queen and means new ruler?

The word "spleen" rhymes with "queen" and means new ruler.