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Q: What is a four letter word that means a person who has power and authority over other s?
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What is the cc notation on a letter?

"carbon copy" it means a copy of the letter was sent to someone other than the person it was addressed to.

What is the purpose of an inquiry letter?

To " inquire" means to ask something of someone. A letter that inquires is asking a person if they are interested in a job or other matter.

What is power of attorney and when does it apply?

"Power of attorney" means a written instrument, "Attorney-in-fact" means a person granted authority to act for the Principal in a power of attorney, regardless of whether the person is known as an attorney-in-fact or agent, or by some other term.

Why Comptroller auditer of india is appointed by warrant under hand and seal and meaning of that?

This means that the appointment letter bears the signature and seal of the President Of India. The rest of the appointments doesn't require the signature of the President as he can delegate this to other authority. In that case the appointment letter will bear the signature of the respective authority.

What does respect the governing process mean?

Respect the governing process means simply respect how the ruling authorities or person in charge does things? In other words respect my authority!

Who is higher a person holding staff authority or a person holding line authority?

A person holding a line authority is higher than a person holding a staff authority. this is because a line authority flows from the head of the organization to the subordinate staffs. a good example of a line authority is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) On the other hand, a staff authority will comprise only the head of a certain department within the whole organization and his/her staff. A good example of a staff authority is a company supervisor whose authority is primarily felt by his/her juniors and not the whole organization

Do you need power of attorney to get cable or other bills disconnected?

It depends on whether the person is living or not. A power of attorney expires on the death of the grantor. If they have passed, you need a letter of authority to represent the estate.

Does to undersign mean you can legally sign for a company?

No. To undersign simply means that you sign at the bottom of a letter or legal document. To sign for a company you need corporate authority or other legal authority such as a power of attorney. Certain state laws address signatures on corporate documents. For example, the law in Massachusetts regarding a corporate transfer of real property must be executed by the president or a vice president and the treasurer or the assistant treasurer, who may be one and the same person. If the deed is not signed by two officers the corporation must record a vote that gives the authority to a single officer, or some other person, in order for the deed to be valid.

How can you get a free ticket to Romania?

Only if you are invited and sponsored by a Romanian authority or any other person.

What does it mean to have someone watch you in your dream?

The meaning of the dream depends on who the person is, or what sort of person is watching you. For example, being watched by a police office or an angel or some other protective authority suggests that you feel (or want to feel) guarded and protected. On the other hand, being watched by a dark shadow or a masked figure or some other threatening person means that you feel endangered and vulnerable.

What are the differences between authority and power?

authority means having control legally and power means having control by force In management terms the power is the ability of individual and groups to influence other peoples. while the authority means the rights to do some thing. pre defined privileges. power have rights to give or hand over the authority some one to do some thing on powery behalf.

What does petty assertion of authority mean?

Someone who uses their authority to order others to do something small or unimportant, mostly for the purpose of demonstrating to that other person that the person in authority is in fact in a position of authority. E.g. "I'm the one who decides whether you do or do not enter this room. So if you want to go in, you'll have to . . . put your hands on your head and say 'Moo'. "