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Q: What is a word that means a low heavy rolling sound?
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What does the word rolling stop mean?

It means when you come to a stop sign and you keep rolling slowly.

What word that means rolling down and rhymes with wrong?


What word means light?

levis is latin word that means light or not heavy

What does the spanish word sound means?

The ENGLISH word 'sound' means 'sonido' in Spanish, also (as an adjective) 'sano'.

What is the definition for the word drag?

The word drag means a bad situation ; or something heavy that is too heavy to carry

What does rottfl ean?

The actual word is ROTFL which means: Rolling On The Floor Laughing!

What word rhymes with geese and means heavy?


What Greek root word means sound?

The word is "phonos".

A seven letter word that means a high shrill sound?

A seven letter word that means a high shrill sound would be "whistle".

What does Greek word echos means?

"A sound."

What word means related to sound?


What word means the opposite of front and has a short vowel sound?

The word "back" has a short A vowel sound.