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The word would be sane.

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2014-10-07 19:52:28
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Q: A four letter word that means mentally healthy or sound. Out of the word sang. You can change one letter?
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4 letter word that means mentally healthy or sound out of the word sang you can change 1 letter?

The word is sang and the word for mentally healthy would be sane.

What 4 letter word means Mentally sound or healthy?


What it means to be healthy mentally?

If you are mentally healthy, you have a clear view of the world and have no mental disorders.People who aren't mentally healthy have alzheimer's disease, have brain damage, have a multiple personality disorder, etc. Most people are mentally healthy.

What word means mentally healthy or sound?

Sane means mentally healthy or sound.It comes from the Latin word sanus, and came into common use around 1721. At one time, it was also used to describe a healthy body, but now almost exclusively refers to the mind.

Mentally heathy or sound?

The best word to use to describe someone who is mentally healthy and sound is stable. This means that they are sane and sensible and not likely to fail.

What 5 letter word means totake hold of mentally?


What is a 5 letter word that means to take hold of mentally?


What is an Eight letter word that means healthy?


What word means freedom from mental derangement?

One such word is sanity. also, insane = seriously mentally ill sane = mentally healthy and able to think in a reasonable way

What is failure to thrive?

It means you can't expand and altogether grow healthy and large upon something (mentally or physically- depending on what you are talking about).

What is a seven letter word that means the opposite of sick?


A six letter word that start with h that means healthy?


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