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Some words that mean 'to go back on a promise' are:

  • renege
  • default
  • welsh
  • weasel out
  • worm out
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Q: What is a word meaning to go back on promise?
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What does go back on one's word mean?

To go back on one's word means to break a promise or agreement that one has made. It signifies a lack of trustworthiness and may lead to disappointment or consequences for the person who relied on the promise.

What is a 6-letter word beginning with R that means to go back on a promise?


How do you spell the word reneg?

The correct spelling is renege.Renege is defined as "to go back on a promise, renounce or abandon".

How do you use the word promise in a sentence?

I promise you that I will change.She made a promise to never let Jack go. But she did let him go.We promise to pay you back on time.You have broken your promise.She shows a lot of promise.

What is the root of the word bond?

Originally an old English saying "My word is my bond" basically meaning you're a man or woman who doesn't go back on their word or promise. In the East Coast hip hop community it is a slang word for saying you can trust me. EX: "That girl is cheating on you, word is bond

What is a seven letter word meaning to leave and not go back?


What does renege mean?

To go back on a promise.

What dose renege mean?

"Renege" means to go back on a promise, contract, or commitment. It involves failing to keep an agreement or breaking a promise.

What is the meaning of the root word for reverse?

The root word for "reverse" is "vers." It comes from the Latin word "reversus," which means to turn back or go back.

Why did Columbus go on the exploration?

The promise of bringing back Gold, and other Treasure?

What are some synonyms for the term 'renege'?

Reverse, Backslide and Unfaithful are synonyms for the term Renege. To renege also means to break a promise or to go back on one's word, to backslide.

Crossword puzzle to go back on a promise 6 letters starts with r?