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Q: What is a three letter word that has the same first two letters?
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First 3 letters are same as last 3?

Car, the, wow, His, Her, Him, She. Any three letter word

Name with 6 letters and 4 are vowels The first letter and last letter are the same vowel three of the vowels are the same and the last 4 letters form a common name?

"Eugene" is a name that meets these requirements.

Which is the only country whose name in English has the same letter three times in its first five letters?


What 7 letter word with first and sixth letters the same?

Some seven letter words with the first and sixth letters the same are:abysmalaccrualacrobatadmiralalmanacanagramangulararrivalartisanarsenalcapricechalicecollectcompactconcoctconductconnectcontactconvictcorrectcornicecrevicedecidedegradeearlierepithetescapeefalsifyfortifygarbagegeologyhealthyidioticillicitimperilinertiaingraininhabitinheritinhibitinsulininvalidkaraokelegallylegiblylightlylikablelocallylooselylovableloyallyluckilymacramenirvananothingoctagonopinionoutlookovationoxbloodperhapspreceptpreemptrampartrapturerectoryrequirerestorerevelryrivalryrhubarbrupturesadnesssarcasmselfishsoloiststylishsubsistsuccesssucrosesuggestsupposesurmisesurpasssynapsetaffetatermitethirstythriftytributetrinityuraniumwillowy

How many arrangements in a 3 letter word?

the arrangements occur. if there are two of the same letter then 12 all different letters then 24 three letters the same then 5 four letters the same then 1

What is an eight letter word where the first three letters are repeated in the same sequence as the fourth fifth and sixth letters?

(1) TARTARIC (as in tartaric acid) (2) BARBARIC

What 6 letter word has same first and fourth letters and same second and fifth letters?


6 letter words with three of the same letters?

Titter, Settee

What word begins with the letter A and ends in the same two letters and is three letters long?

all all

What three letter words have the same last two letters?


What is the Word with first 3 letters and last three letters in same order 11 letters total?


Four letter words that have the same letter for the first and third letters?