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Q: What 6 letter word has same first and fourth letters and same second and fifth letters?
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6 letter word x is second letter and d is fourth letter. the first and fifth letters must be the same letter?

Exuded or exudes.

Eight letter word with double letters on fourth and fifth letters?


What word has aeiou in it containing the letters exactly in that order together a the first letter e the second letter i the third letter o the fourth letter and u the fifth letter?

facetious, abstemious

Which seven letter word with double letters on fourth and fifth?

spotted, between

What is a six letter word which has second letter e and fourth letter m and fifth letter a?


What is a 6 letter word with E as second letter I as fourth letter and N as fifth letter?


What is a six letter word that has a as the second letter u as the fourth letter and e as the fifth letter?


What is a bird with 6 letters the second and the fifth letter is e?


What 6 letter words has a u as the second letter and ur as the fourth and fifth letter?

There are seven matching words:AuburnAugursAuguryFutureLuxurySuburbSuture

What is a five letter word with 'u' as the second letter 'l' as the fourth letter and 'e' as the fifth letter?

duple, ruble

What is a six letter word with A as the second and fourth letters?

There are several words that fit that description.The first one that comes to mind is banana. The word bazaar does too. The fifth letter is also A.Other words:damaskfacadegaragekaratemacawstamale

What is a seven letter word with x as the third letter and the second and fifth letters are the same?