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The ring of death occurs when a malfunction in the machine happens and causes the machine to be unable to function properly. The amount I paid to have it fixed was $150.

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Q: What is a red ring of death in xbox 360?
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How does the Xbox 360 get the red ring of death?

By hardware failure.

What does the ring of death do to your Xbox 360?

The red ring of death represents hardware falure. contact xbox if you see any red lights on your xbox. they are all bad. if you see 3 red flashing lights, that is the red ring of death.

What does three quarters of a red ring on the xbox 360 indicate?

What do you do if you get the red ring of death on your xbox 360?

You will have to go on

How do you avoid the red ring of death on Xbox 360 console?

you cant

What do you do when you have the red ring of death?

If you have gotten the "red ring of death" you are screwed. wanna know the solution? Solution:400$= Xbox 360

Can Xbox 360 games work on the first Xbox?

yes they can and it helps solve the red ring of death

How much does it cost to repair a Xbox 360 that has the red ring of death?

from 100 to 140$

What are common errors on the xbox 360?

RROD- red ring of death is the main one.

Do the new Xbox's 360 get the red light of death?

you can get the red ring on any type of xbox 360. do not leave it on all night or u will find out the hard way.

At What Temperature does the Xbox 360 overheat?

The Xbox 360 will over heat at around 89 degrees Fahrenheit then it will get the red ring of death and u will be out of luck

Does the Xbox 360 pro get the Red Ring of Death?

unfortunately yes prolong its life intercooler