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All of your Pokemon should be at least level fifty. A lot of training? Yes. But it's worth it. For the fighting guy, have a psychic type. For the ghost girl, have a dark type w/ ghost type moves, and an electric type. For the dark guy, have a fighting type. For the psychic girl, well... She's the hardest. I'd recommend battling her first. That way, you don't waste time battling the others and then die. BEWARE HER MUNNA! I'd use the same dark type w/ ghost type moves that I recommended for the ghost girl.

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Q: What is a great strategy to beat the elite 4 in Pokemon white?
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Where is the new black Pokemon in Pokemon Black?

Right. You want the black Pokemon (Zekrom)? Sorry, in Pokemon Black you get the white Pokemon (Reshiram). If you want Zekrom, get Pokemon White. You get it after beating the Elite Four!!! if you want zekrom in pokemon black your going to have to beat the elite four a second time heres a tip catch kyreum,check out great chasm

Where do you catch Zekrom?

After the elite four in Pokemon white.

Can you transfer Pokemon from Ruby Sapphire Emerald to Pokemon White?

First you have to migrate the Pokemon to diamond(have to beat elite 4) Then you trade the Pokemon to Pokemon white

Where do you find the legendary Pokemon in Pokemon white?

At 'N's Castle after beating the Elite Four.

What level do your Pokemon have to be to defeat the elite four on Pokemon white?

starter lv.60

What do you do after the eight gym leader in Pokemon white?

You can battle the elite four at the pokemon leauge.

How do you complete Pokemon white?

Well,what you have to do is beat the Elite Four.Simple

How do you get to chalengers cave in Pokemon white?

beat the elite four.

How do you awaken Zekrom in Pokemon White?

Beat the elite four

Can you battle from Pokemon pearl to white if white uses Pokemon from pearls region?

Yes, but first, in white, you must defeat the elite 4.

How do you get Porygon in Pokemon White?

You can get one in white forest, but you have to beat the elite four first.

What Pokemon cant you get in black but not white?

you could only get new Pokemon in black and white intill you beet the elite 4