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Q: What is a good nickname for the Pokemon cranidos?
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What type of Pokemon is cranidos?

Cranidos is a Rock type pokemon.

Where is cranidos fossil on Pokemon HeartGold?

You cannot get a Skull Fossil (Cranidos) in Pokemon HeartGold.

On Pokemon indigo where do you get cranidos?

You can find Cranidos in Cerulean City where Misty is.

How do you be Cranidos in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon?

As a starter Pokemon you can not be a cranidos in Pokemon mystery dungeon. The only way you can be a cranidos is if you recruit on and make it your leader when you assemble your team at chimecho's assembly after beating dialga

What level does cranidos evolve on Pokemon platinum?

Go to or cranidos

When does a cranidos evolve in Pokemon indigo?

Cranidos evolves into Rampardos at level 30.

What is the ability of cranidos do in Pokemon Diamond?

Cranidos is a Rock-type Pokemon. Its ability, Mold Breaker, allows Cranidos to disable the opposing Pokemon's ability. For an example, against a Shedinja with Wonder Guard, Wonder Guard will be disabled and Cranidos will be allowed to hit it with any move.

What is the best fossilised Pokemon in Pokemon ruby?


Where is the Cranidos in Pokemon Ranger shadows of A lma?

when your a ranger thin guy in vein forest reports that a wartortle is chasing a cranidos when you catch them cranidos becomes your partner well for wartortle he a coward a runs away i have a turtwig as a partner so good luck :) or :( tell me if you like the cranidos

Where are the warturtle and cranidos in shadows of almia?

Wartortle is at vien forest and cranidos is being chased by it save the cranidos and it becomes your partner Pokemon

What Pokemon is in a Skull Fossil?


What level does cranidos evolve at in Pokemon diamond?

Cranidos is a Rock type Pokemon that can be revived from a Skull Fossil in Pokemon Diamond. It will evolve into Rampardos at level 30.30