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Consider what it looks like along with it's type for inspiration. Here's a couple: Roario, Lu, Luca.

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Q: What is a good nickname for Lucario?
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What is a good Lucario nickname?

InkHeart Slash StormRider Anubis Wolf Jackal Coyote Ryu

How cool is Lucario?

lucario is amazing, especially if it has good moves taught to it.

Is Lucario good?

Most likely. Lucario is Fighting and (?)Steel(?). Metagross is Steel, and Lucario can totally defeat Metagross, so this is one vote for Lucario. That is so not true... Firstly, Metagross is Steel/Psychic, which means that Lucario is not super-effective against it. Secondly, Metagross can use Earthquake, a move which totally pwns Lucario. Of course Lucario can also sue Earthquake, so they're more or less evenly matched. your answer sucks big time, of course metagross is better

What are some good Lucario nicknames?

Spirit guardian skywalker be creative good luck, i have a level100 lucario named SKYWALKER :)

Is Lucario weak?

no it is not a high level lucario is a good Pokemon to have and his attack aura sphere is one of the best on the game

Your Lucario is lev 43 is he good?


What poke assists are good against lacario in Pokemon ranger shadows of almia?

a fighting assist is good against a Pokemon lucario.... it enhances the power of the styler line and fighting is also super effective against lucario making lucario alot easier i think a steel type poke assist. Why? Because it make Lucario paused.

Is there ever going to be a Lucario evolvution?

No. Lucario is a single form. Real Lucario & Lucario Biologist. ~Bolt the lucario

Can a lopunny and a Lucario breed?

No, its impossible. Real Lucario & Lucario Biologist. ~Bolt the lucario

Is nan a good nickname for Hannah?

If you like 'Nan' as a nickname, then yes, it is a good nickname.

Is this a good team Lucario Charizard poliwrath flygon swampert ampharos?


Pokemon that are good other than ledendary Pokemon?

gardevoir and lucario