What is a good nature for lapras?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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For a specially defensive tank, Calm.

For a Dragon Dance killer, Adamant or Jolly.

For a special Lapras, Modest.

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Q: What is a good nature for lapras?
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What is good against lapras?

Any electric or grass Pokemon is good against Lapras.

At what level is lapras as strong as a level 65 Articuno in fire red?

Are you kidding? Lapras will never, I repeat, never ever be as strong as articuno!for elite four battles level 55 lapras is good

What are good moves for a lv49 lapras?

Lapras has same base attack and base special attack, so it all comes down to chosing attacks that are good for what situation you want to use lapras for. If you are going for a competitive i'd suggest Ice beam, Thunderbolt, Surf and some other attack.

How do you get lapras in heart gold?

Yes,there is Lapras. You find Lapras in the Unown Cave.

Does Lapras have an evolution?

No. Lapras does not evolve and does not have any Pre-Evolved forms.

When was Lapras created?

Lapras was created in 1996.

How is my team there is gliscor magmortar swellow lapras Lucario torterra?

Pretty good.

Which one is better politoad or lapras?

lapras i thinklapras

What type is lapras?

Lapras is a water and ice Pokemon

What is a good team for pookemon FireRed?

a good team in red and leaf is...... charzard mewtwo pigeyot lapras weepinbell

How do you find a LAPRAS in Pokemon Diamond?

you need a cheat that can catch a trainer's Pokemon to have lapras. because there is a trainer that has a lapras.

Is Tyranitar lapras Charizard dragonite moltres and mewtwo a good team in LeafGreen?