What is a good name for an Arceus?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Anything you think is right. Arkice is the name of the pokemon site (pronounced arkies) i named my arceus that :)

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Q: What is a good name for an Arceus?
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Can you show me a picture of Arceus the Pokemon? is a good place to see it.

Is Arceus the creation of all legendary?

arceus created all Pokemon so if that's the answer to your question then good

Is Arceus good?

arceus is a good Pokemon judging that his stats are all excellent, but most of them don't get past 300, some Pokemon can be very strong in one stat and be useless with another, my mewtwo for example, he has a special attack of 385, but his special defense is only 189, where as arceus's stats are completely balanced. so arceus is a very good Pokemon XD

What is the name of the strongest Pokemon on Pokemon Diamond?

dialga but arceus is better but arceus can only be obtained through spetial event

Can you name the most recent Pokemon?

yes arceus

What is the name of the lord of all Pokemon?

FOR Sure Arceus

Is this a good Pokemon team- Empoleon lv100 heatran with magma storm Charizard Giratina Arceus azelf?

Its great.Did you cheat to get arceus?

Is Arceas good?

Arceus Is Neither Good Nor Evil. If Your Asking if hes Good for battles, He is good.

What Pokemon is stronger than Arceus?

no pokemon can beat arceus arceus is a pokemon of hell his weakness is electrec no pkemon can beat hell.

What is the name of the rarest legendary in Pokemon diamond?

Arceus Shaymin

Picture of Arceus in Pokemon diamond?

Type in Arceus in google then go to they got a good picture and stuff. Hes a normal type by the way.

Do you need a code to catch Arceus?

Only if you missed the event. Then you absolutely NEED a code, unless you have a good buddy to trade you arceus. Arceus is way too weak to actually want to battle with. i suggest using a master ball on it.