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Some good Purple Puffle names:





Burple Nurple(LOL)






Purple Rain



Michael Jackson

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Q: What is a good name for a purple puffle?
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What is the name of cadences purple puffle?

Lolz is the name of Cadence's purple puffle.

What is the name of the purple puffle on elite penguin force?


What is the name of cadence's purple puffle in club penguin?


What game can the purple puffle play?

A purple puffle can play the game... DANCE CONTEST

Is bounce a good name for a puffle?

Yes i think bounce is a very good name for a puffle

Is there an magenta puffle?

No, there is not a magenta puffle. Although, there is a purple puffle and a pink puffle for sale. :) I hope this helped.

What is the purple puffle code at clubpenguin?

Its easy! And it works every time! The code is... purple puffle pack

Where are the pink and purple puffles on clubpenguin ds?

the pink puffle is at the ice rink and the purple puffle is at the dance club..

How do you get the purple puffle pin?

it has to be march 1st 2012 then go to the becon and click on the purple puffle beside the telescope and then you have it

What order did puffles come in?

red. pink puffle Green Puffle Purple Puffle Yellow Puffle White Puffle Orange Puffle Brown Puffle

What names are the puffles on club penguin elite penguin force?

This is all the puffles, in the order of how you get them. The Blue puffle is Bouncer. The Red puffle is Blast. The Black puffle is Flare. The Pink puffle is Loop. The Purple puffle is Pop. The Green puffle is Flit. The Yellow puffle is Chirp. The White puffle is Chill. And the rumor name for the Orange puffle is Boxer.

How do you get the purple puffle on the club penguin puffle quiz?

Well when it asks you questions, just answer whatever a purple puffle likes to do. Like blowing bubbles, dancing, sleeping (with a sleep mask). Although, you don't HAVE to get a purple puffle in the quiz to adopt one. Simply click on it and click adopt.