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Charlie Brown,



Choco Late,

But what I'm wondering, is why don't you just name it by yourself? Do you REALLY need to help you?

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Q: What is a good name for a brown puffle on club penguin?
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What are the club penguin codes for puffle earmuffs?

there is no codes for puffle earmuffs you can get the earmuffs ONLY on the puffle catalog good luck -starships967

Is there a brown puffle in Club Penguin?

Yes, I am currently playing Club Penguin to get the brown puffle you, go to the dock, follow the arrow, read the note on the ground, and then follow the gears or go right, up, right, down, left, down, and right. Once you have finished this you will be able to buy the brown puffle. Good Luck! Their are also Red, Blue, Pink, Purple, Black, Green, Yellow, White, and Orange. Have fun playing!!!!!

When is the club penguin brown puffle plush toy released in the UK?

its out now. you can buy it from disney stores and other good shops that sell soft toys

How do you get the brown puffle in Club Penguin?

You have to be a member for this.Go into the wilderness(i mean the place in the January party 2011)in the dock and complete all the challenges,when you complete them and sail in the boat,you will see a cave(the brown puffle cave!).Enter it and above the green puffle bed the will be a letter,click on it then it will ask you if you want to adopt a brown puffle,click adopt and you will get your brown puffle,Good Luck!!! :)you can now buy the brown puffle in the pet shop and check out Disney channel

What are good names for white puffles on club penguin?

well if i got a white puffle on club penguin i would name it snowflake ,snowy.

How do you get a color changing puffle in club penguin?

You don't really, people say it exists but it does not!! Get normal puffle arent they good enough?

What is the orange puffle on Club Penguin good at?

It is good at riding on wagons and monster trucks. It does not play any games with your penguin at the moment though.

How do you get the vault to open on club penguin?

i think u get a puffle to open it thts how i did it good luck!!

How do you get the black puffle in club penguin?

You have to buy a membership and you have to save enough coins too:) good luck

How do you make your puffle happy on club penguin?

feed it and do some thing u know play whit it get it whit u... If u was a good club penguin (cp) player u can know this

Where is the club penguin white puffle poster?

i dont know where the white puffle poster is but all i know is that it is in one of the furniture catalogs hope u find it good luck!!

How do you catch and deactivate the wheel bot on club penguin?

throw it with a snowball then get the purple puffle :) hope the answer was helpful btw (by the way) use the blue puffle to get snowballs good luck :)