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The clan owner is light arcana or something like that. It's real good if you want mod help.

Two other owners are "tehnoobshow" and "runescape" both of which almost always have mods.

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Q: What is a good clan chat in runescape for mod help?
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Do you need to chat on RuneScape?

No, it is optional. However, it may help for some activities.

How do you use free chat in runescape?

Im in a free chat world, over thirteen and everythings turned on. Please help!

How do you make a warrior cat clan on runescape?

To start a clan, you should get a total of five founders, that is, you'll need the help of four friends. Go to the clan camp, and found your clan there. Then, continue inviting additional people to your clan.

How do you make a clan in runescape?

In the new clan system, you must acquire 5 people including your self who wish to be apart of it. Once you have 4 people you can then head to south faldor and speak to the scribe who will give you a document, simply use it on you 4 chosen people who wish to be apart of it. If the accept it you will have a newly created clan! However the tricky part is keeping you clan alive. *create a clan that intrest people Ideas Include: 1: A merching clan 2: A PK (Playerkilling clan) 3: A boss hunting clan 4: A Information clan (Game help)

How do you get a clan on RuneScape?

To get people to join your clan on Runescape you can either: 1. Ask people directly in game if they would be interested in joining your clan and you can tell them the details of your clan trying to persuade them to join 2. Make a post on the official Runescape recruitment forum trying to advertise your clan to players, make sure you put the post in the correct place. 3. Spend time looking through the 'looking for a clan' forum on the Runescape forums and ask them if they would be interested in joining

Does Facebook help you?

no face book dose not help you but it is a good way to chat online to your friends

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What monster has a good chaos rune drop?

Look on a bestiary guide on runescape help sites.

Where can I download a free video chat app?, this is the only one I can find it for you, looks like they are a pretty good site for you to chat and do instant messaging. I hope this can help you, good luck.

Is there a good guide for RuneScape?

yes at it has item prices, quests (mems/non mems), monsters, skill calculators, skill guides, minigame guides, guilds, and much more. "This site will be allot of help" It helped me to get where i am today (a lvl 136) Good luck in runescape!!! :) A hill6* runescape fan for life ;)

Are there any Woodcutting Clan Chats i can join in runescape?

Yes! join cha0s lumber's F2P clan: hatchetzz A new woodcutting clan. Share your WC methods,hot spots and tips! We can become an extensive wc clan with the help of YOU. cha0s lumber logs in during New Zealand time. He does not log in often though.when he does, He is willing to give out rank to those who wish to have status within the clan. TO GAIN RANK: advertise the clan in wc hotspots such as the draynor willow spot,Lumbridge Yew spots, You may even advertise at the grand exchange.

Where are the level 40 hillgiants in RuneScape?

If you want to find out more on where you can find a certain monster i recommend going to a runescape help site these are some good ones: