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You cannot get help with clue scrolls, and if you could, it would be considered an "unfair runescape advantage" and is against the rules. Risking a ban.

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Q: How can you get some help on clue scrolls on RuneScape?
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Are RuneScape clue scrolls members?

yes clue scrolls are only for members you can get them as a drop from almost all monsters and comes with some great rewards too so if you need help on any add waz4loz1 on runescape and ill be happy to help =)

What treasures can be found in RuneScape?

Many treasures can be found in runescape, but the main treasures are for members only, and a wide range of clue scrolls to set you on the treasure hunt! Treasure vary, some will not be that valuable, but some can make you rich and some make you incredibly rich.

What happens if you enchant a helmet with scrolls in runescape?

When enchanted with certain scrolls, some helmets will gain a lighter colour to them. This effect can be purely cosmetic or it can be useful by saving an inventory spot when making pouches/scrolls or attacking with a familiar.

How do you do a clue sroll on RuneScape?

To do a clue scroll on runescape requires you to look at the clue which is given and then work out where the clue is leading you, you then go there and either dig on the spot or preform an emote while wearing certain items, you may also be given puzzles and challenge scrolls to do from some NPC's (not player controlled) However some players prefer to use a guide so that they don't actually have to work out all of the clue scrolls themselves since another player has worked them out for you, this can save you a lot of time since you will often get a clue scroll drop from many monsters within runescape. Also a message of caution, while doing clue scrolls high level wisards may appear and attack you, zammy wisards can simply be killed by using the protect from magic prayer and they only appear in the wilderness, however saradomin wisards you cannot protect against there attacks since if you use protect mage they will use a poisoned dragon dagger. lvl1= all low lvl cretures for ex rock crabs man lvl2=lvl 20-50 lvl3=cyclopes hellhound dragons and other high lvls. best to kill green dragons as they are easy to kill

How can you make your reward better from a clue scroll?

Ahuh! I was wondering when another question about 'Clue Scrolls' would pop up lol. First things first... There are MANY DIFFERENT clue scrolls. There are 3 different levels: 1, 2, and 3. The best way (and the way that I've always done it) is to go to 'Google' and type in 'Runescape Clue Scrolls'. I use the first link but any of the first few links are GREAT! They have almost every single clue scroll, but there may be some that one doesn't have, so you'll have to go to another link to get it. . ENJOY! ;)

What is the best slayer master to go to in runescape?

It really depends: on your slayer level; on your combat level; and on your preferences. Some of the masters will give you easier slaying tasks, some will give you more difficult slaying tasks. Once you have the appropriate level, a higher-level monster is more likely to give you the higher-level clue scrolls (if you are interested in those).

What is some types of transpertation is California?

please help i have no clue

Recommended skills for lvl 3 clue scrolls?

I believe about the only skill you need is a medium-level combat, since you'll sometimes have to confront some NPCs. Other than that, you need some patience to move around different places of Gielinor. Some good teleports would help a lot.

How do you get a banner carrier on RuneScape?

You need to complete some challenge scroll to get a banner carrier.Note: This does not include the tutorial ones, it only counts when you obtain a scrolls as a drop, and kill the champion.

RuneScape what do ice warrior's drop?

Ice wariors drop a few items including: Seeds (members) Level 2 Clue Scrolls (members) Bones (I think) Armour (up to Mithril) Runes Charms, mostly Gold Charms (members) Gems Coins There are many more items, some useful, some useless, but I cannot think of any more. Sorry, but I hope this helped you out. :p

Do you need to chat on RuneScape?

No, it is optional. However, it may help for some activities.

What education is required to be a user interface designer?

i have no clue. i need some help:(