How long is one day in RuneScape?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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There is no day/night cycle in RuneScape, as there is in some other days.

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Q: How long is one day in RuneScape?
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How long is less than one day of runescape ban?

Less than 1 day(in between 1-24hours) :P

Is there a limit on how many treasure trails you can get per day in runescape?

Nope there's no limits, as long as you get one as a drop, you can do it.

How long does a ban appeal take in runescape?

It could very from a day or two day's.

How long is one Runescape day in hours?

In RuneScape, there is no time system - meaning day and night do not cycle - so one RS day is never-ending. There are skyboxes and lighting in-game (clan citadels, Draynor village, Meyerditch) that make the environment appear to be night-time, though Citadels allow for the setting to be adjusted freely.

How long do you have to play a day to get 99str in runescape?

That is impossible. I takes 72 hours strait.

Runescape How long would it take to get 99 cooking from 96 Im using monkfish?

That Entirely depends on how many hours a day you play runescape.

How many people quit RuneScape a day?

your mom quit runescape a day

Is RuneScape fun to play?

It can be at times, but It does gradually get boring to you play it for too long every day.

What is better a dds or a d long in runescape?

that's a tough one.

What are the answers for the cryptic clue fest day one on runescape 2012?


How long will it take to get 2k yew logs on runescape?

Depends on your Woodcutting level, what axe you are using and how long you play per day.

How long will it take for you to get to lvl 99 FM if im on lvl 62 and im using maple logs in runescape?

You would be looking at around 2 - 10 weeks, but this entirely depends on how long you will be on runescape training the skill a-day.