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I have the PS2 version but,you can make tools like sewing machines to fix your clothes,and better knives.I beat it!(Well unlocked all of the areas,and could choose the ending.But it doesn't end!It's open-ended!)

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Q: What is a crafting table and where is it at on sims 2 castaway no the Nintendo ds?
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What consoles can you get sims castaway on?

I know most definetly you can get sims castaway on the wii and Nintendo ds and i think you can get it on PC as well.

Dr feelgodd sims 2 castaway Nintendo Wii?

Dr. Feelgood is only on the sims 2 castaway DS game

How do castaway Sims from Sims 2 castaway fall in love?

Two Sims (male and female) get to be best friends. You must then at 100 relationship points, click on the "Propose" under Romantic. If that doesn't work, craft a Marriage Beanie on the bamboo crafting table under clothes then hats and then craft two Aloha Wedding Leis from either crafting table under clothes then jewelry. Put the beanie on the boy, and they both get a lei. Then you will be able to get hitched.

On sims castaway how do you get the water bucket?

go to the crafting area and then make it with sticks and a coconut

What is a marriage beanie on sims 2 castaway for ps2?

it is a hat you make it at the crafting bench under clothing!

How do you get to the 3rd island in Sims 2 Castaway for Nintendo DS?

go on a canoe

How do you get to Pier Beach on Sims 2 Castaway for Nintendo DS?

That's what I'm sayin

How do you get bamboo on Sims castaway Nintendo ds?

You have to get seeds from Mrs. Weeder and grow Bamboo.

How do you raise your creativity level on sims 2 castaway ps2?

you can build things in the picture of the pearls

How do you increase body on the Sims 2 castaway?

By building items ,crafting and harvesting food or animals

Can you get the Sims for Nintendo DS?

Depends on what Sims it is. The games I know of that you can get on the Ds are these: Sims Castaway Sims3 SimsCity(it will be called SimsCityDs) And that's pretty much it. B.A

How do you get in the temple on sims 2 castaway wii?

you have to collect all of the Hieroglyphic pieces and craft the on the crafting bench, they will be under leisure plans.