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A minecraft world seed is what Minecraft uses to generate the terrain to begin with, it does not create any user-created structures like castles, only things like NPC villages, mines and strongholds.

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Q: What is a Minecraft 1.3.2 seed for an already done castle?
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What is the Minecraft castle seed?

The seeds in minecraft only generate a world's landscape. Whatever you build in that seed is not part of the seed, it's part of your save. You can download other people's worlds though if they have a link

What minecraft seed can you use for a castle to appear in minecraft 1.5.2?

Seeds are what the game uses to generate the raw terrain, they do not code for player-built structures or modifications. If someone makes a castle and then gives someone else the seed, all that person will get is the original terrain the first player had, before they started building.

What is a seed for Pokemon in Minecraft?

Pokemon on Minecraft is a mod, not a seed. Search the Minecraft Forum.

What is a minecraft 1.6.4 seed with a castle?

Seeds are what the game uses to generate a world's basic landscape. It doesn't encode any user-made structures such as castles. If someone builds a castle, the seed won't change and anyone using that seed will just get the same untouched landscape the first person started with.

What is the seed for the end in minecraft?

There is NO SUCH THING as seeds for dragons you can ONLY get the mod. or hack

What is the moon seed in Minecraft?

There is no moon on minecraft.

What is the seed for a jungle in Minecraft?

I have found a jungle seed for minecraft 1.2.4 the seed is innotchesname no caps and no spaces

What is a Minecraft PE seed with a big ocean?

The Minecraft PE seed with a big ocean is -839019905251343089 .

What is the seed for skyblock in minecraft?

It isnt a seed, you have to download it.

What is the Minecraft seed for dungeon spawning?

just look at the minecraft seed list by googleing it by typin "What are the dungeon seeds for minecraft?" hope this helped

How do you find out your seed in minecraft?

If cheats are enabled in your world, do /seed to find your seed.

What is a dungeon seed for Minecraft?

Every Minecraft seed is capable of producing dungeons. Seed 19981012 is a known seed that spawns you directly next a dungeon on the surface. Some seeds have more dungeons then others, you will just have to hope that you randomly get a seed that has a lot of dungeons.