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A seven letter word for 'greater than needed' is surplus or surfeit.

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Q: What is a 7 letter word that is the answer to this problem amount greater than what is needed?
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How many stamps are needed to mail a letter from Minnesota to Indiana?

One if it is the correct amount or greater.

What is a greater amount than what is needed?


Why is a greater amount of force needed to accelerate a truck than a jeepney even if they are running with the same velocity?

The truck has a greater mass and therefore a greater amount of inertia to overcome. To accelerate a greater mass requires a greater force.

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they can.. the only problem is the amount of space needed for their tusk.

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Four times the amount of traction is needed

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Inertia is a measurement of the amount of energy needed either to start the object moving, or to slow down or stop its movement. This depends upon the mass (weight) of the object, but more particularly its change of speed. The greater the mass (weight) of the object the greater the amount of energy needed to move it and stop it.

Second law of motion?

The second law of motion states that the acceleration of an object is directly proportional to the net force acting on it and inversely proportional to its mass. Mathematically, this is expressed as F = ma, where F is the net force acting on an object, m is its mass, and a is its acceleration. The law helps to explain how forces cause objects to move and how their motion can be quantitatively analyzed.

What is a word that starts and ends with the same letter that means An amount over and above what is needed?

surpass, surplus

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How many stamps are needed to send a letter from England to Italy?

your post office will weigh the letter and tell you the exact amount, they will then sell you the appropriate stamps, put them on your letter and mail it.

What amount of postage is needed to mail a letter in NJ?

For a first class letter of one ounce to another US destination, it takes 44 cents of postage.