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Q: What is a 5 letter word for gentle breeze?
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A zephyr is a gentle what?

1. A gentle breeze.2. A light fabric.3. Anything transient.4. A town near Brownwood, Texas.5. The Greek God of the West Wind.

What are the characteristic of a breeze?

A "breeze" is a gentle wind.According to the Beaufort scale, there are 5 types of breeze:Beaufort 2 - Light breeze, wind speed 5.6-11 km/hBeaufort 3 - Gentle breeze, wind speed 12-19 km/hBeaufort 4 - Moderate breeze, wind speed 20-28 km/hBeaufort 5 - Fresh breeze, wind speed 29-38 km/hBeaufort 6 - Strong breeze, wind speed 39-49 km/h

Is wjnd speed SSE of 5-10mph normal or windy?

A wind speed of 5-10 mph would be considered a light breeze, not windy. Wind speeds are generally classified as follows: calm (0-3 mph), light breeze (4-7 mph), moderate breeze (8-12 mph), gentle breeze (13-18 mph), and so on.

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