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Q: What is a 4 letter word for delight?
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7 letter word for great pleasure?


What is a 3 letter word for gasp of delight?


What is a seven letter word for the opposite of joy?

Sadness? Or depress.

Can you give sentence using the word delight?

Much to his delight, he saw his friend after an year. This is a sample sentence using the word delight.

What is a six letter word for exclamation of delight starting with h?

hurray - took me forever to work this one out.

What is the six letter word for exclamation of delight?

1. Jumpy 2.Smiley

What word is the opposite of the word delight?

Dislike, despise, and detest are all suitable antonyms for the word delight.

What is a seven letter word starting with d and ending in t?

There are a number: dentist, delight, deposit, distant and distort.

How tall is Venus DeLight?

Venus DeLight is 5' 4".

Is the word delight an adverb?

Delight is a noun and a verb. "The arrival of the Snow Queen filled him with delight." (noun) "I delight in the sweet sound of music." (verb)

What is the word stress on word delight?


How many syllables are in delight?

The word delight has two syllables. (de-light)