What is Yaminabe Aries Tail Tale?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yaminabe Aries Tail Tale is an old Japanese PC game produced by the Circus company, and based on Kemono Hentai. Otherwise know here in America as Furry Hentai. So technically this a pornographic computer game. The game itself isn't much of a "game." It is much like a slideshow. It's just pictures with text under them. (Some pictures have adult images in them). As you go through the story, you are able to choose between different actions of what to do at the different story points. This game has not yet come to the US, but there are still pictures and some translations out there.

Official site (Japanese):

English translation (No pictures):

Pictures from the game (Some pictures contain Hentai. View at own risk):

If you didn't know, Hentai is Japanese Anime Porn.

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Q: What is Yaminabe Aries Tail Tale?
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