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Q: What are the best four pocket god idols?
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How do you get the idols in pocket god?

You look at the hints available and then do it.

How do you change what four idols you use in pocket god?

Go to the island with the pedestals that you put the idols on. Go to the menu bar, and under the button with the island picture you should see something called idol selection. Press that, and change your idols!

Who are the idols of Christianity?

There should be no idols in Christianity, except for GOD! But anything can be idols which is bad....

What is the best app you can buy for 99 cents?

Pocket God.

How do you pass pocket god episode four shake it off?

Just cause a earthquake

What came first Pocket god or pocket devil?

Pocket god

Why are there no statues of god in a gurdwara?

Sikhism as a religion is opposed to idol worship therefore you don't find any statue of God in a Gurudwara.

When is the word god not capitalized?

When it refers to idols, such as a pagan god.

When did Pocket God happen?

Pocket God happened in 2009.

Who are the gods or idols of judaism?

None. We believe in One God, who created the universe. We have no gods or idols.

Who is the one who introduced idols to Islam?

nobody; Isalm doesnt have any idols. It believes in ONE GOD (same God in Christianity and Judaism) who is not a statue.

How much is a pocket god comic bundle?

Usually $1.99 and usually has 3 to four comics included in the bundle