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Dragon is super effective on its own type.

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Q: What is Strong Against Dragon Types?
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Which types of Pokémon are strong against Dragon-Type?

Dragon-Type moves are only strong against other Dragon-Types. Dragon-Type Pokémon are strong against Fire-Types, Water-Types, Electric-Types, and Grass-Types.

What type of Pokemon is strong against water dragon Pokemon?

Ice types are supereffective and so are dragon types. Yes, dragon types ARE EFFECTIVE against dragon types. In some dual-type dragon pokemon, like Garchomp for example, Ice is 4x effective to it and Dragon types, 2x

What is Garchomp strong against?

Garchomp is a Dragon- and Ground-Type, so it is weak against Dragon-Types and exceptionally weak against Ice-Types.

Which Pokémon are strong against Dragonite?

Dragonite is a Dragon- and Flying-Type, so it is weak against Rock-Types and Dragon-Types, and exceptionally weak against Ice-Types.

What is the dragon type in Pokemon strong against?

Dragon types are super effective against it's own type :)

What type of Pokemon is strong against dragon?

to defeat dragon types use fighting type moves. they are super effective.

What Pokemon type is strong against dragon type?

Ice and Dragon type itself is strong against Dragon.

What are dragon type moves strong against?

Dragon type moves are only super-effective against other dragon Pokemon. However, if the dragon type move is on a dragon-type Pokemon, the move will do substantial damage to many different Pokemon. This is because, dragon-type Pokemon usually have outstanding stats which make them stronger than other Pokemon.

Which types of Pokémon are strong against Water-Type?

Water-Type moves are weak against Grass-Types, Dragon-Types, and other Water-Types. Water-Type Pokémon are weak against Electric-Types and Grass-Types.

What beats dragon types Pokemon emeraLD?

there is dragon and ice types that are strong against dragon. so i'd stick with an ice type like snorunt. you can find him/her in shoal cave, but you need to surf there.

What can ice types beat?

On offence, they are strong against dragon, flying, grass and ground. Defensibly good against other ice

What kinds of Pokémon are dragon types strongest against?

Dragon types are best against other dragon types and pokemon with low defenses.