What is Master Chief's ID number?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Master Chief's ID number is 117.

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Q: What is Master Chief's ID number?
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What is master chiefs spartan number?

Spartan #117

How many number of Fleet Master Chiefs FLTCMs are there?


Why did one of memorials have 117 scratched on it in halo 3?

that is the chiefs id number

Who is the master chiefs girlfriend?

He doesn't have one.

Is master chiefs true face ugly?

Tom is master chief so yes

Is the master chiefs name john?

yes master chief's name is john....john117

Is the master chiefs voice cool?

pretty cool

Must have how many fleet master chiefs?


Where can you get more master balls in platinum?

At Jubilife TV Station. If the lotto number matches one of your Pokemons' ID number, which is highly improbable, you get one Master ball.

What is master chiefs full title?

i think it is john 117

What is master chiefs life story?

go to halopedia it's there

What is the master in chiefs callsign in Halo 3?

Finish the Fight