What is L1 on xbox controler?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It is the button on the top left, sometimes called the bumper, it above the left trigger

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Q: What is L1 on xbox controler?
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Where is l1 on a xbox 360 controler?

L1 usually refers to the left trigger where your index finger rests while holding a controller. The LB is the bumper which is the button directly above each trigger.

What was the nickname for the original Xbox controler?

I always called it an Xbox controler.

What to have for a xbox?

? A controler?

How can i fix an error in my Xbox its saying plug in your controler when controler is already plug in?

Sounds like the battery's.

Will a wireless xbox 360 controler connect to a ps3?


What are the black and white buttons on your xbox controler?


Can you use a Xbox 360 controler on the PC?

if you get a adapter

Does the Xbox 360 have cordless controllers?

No, you need a kinect thing for it so you can be the controler but you can get wire less controler

Is the Xbox controller the same as the Xbox 360's?

No, on the 360 controler there is no White and Black buttons, they are replaced by two bumper buttons just above the triggers, much like the PS2 controler.

How do you use a Xbox controler for Call of duty on wii if you can?

It is impossible sorry

What is better wireless xbox controler or wired?

Would have to go with wireless

How much is a xbox Kinect motion controler?

Kinect doesn't have controllers