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Q: What is A word that means carved symbol?
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What was carved on to the golden apple of Eris?

Carved on the apple was a single word: "ΚΑΛΛΙΣΤΗΙ" (kallistei), which means "For the fairest".

Is the word carved a verb?

The Word "carved" is not a verb.

What is the latin symbol for the English word with?

There is not a symbol, but a word. cum (COO-M) means with

What is another word for carved?

another word for carved is cut.

This was created during the Tang dynasty by an artisan who carved the surface of a wooden block in the form of a Chinese character or symbol for word what is it?


What is a word that means something that stands for something else?

Symbol, metaphor, simile.

What is the symbol in Tuck Everlasting?

Maybe the tree with the T carved in it.

What four letter word means cloth symbol?


What foren language does canoe come from?

Last answer: Not sure, but the word canoe comes from the word kenu that means "boat carved out of a tree"It's Spanish.

What are examples of a symbol?

word S-Y-M-B-O-L is a symbol which contains combination of six symbols, which are know as letters. But we understand what it means because we associate word 'symbol' with it meaning. In the similar way is all our life: symbol 'H2O' - means water, even they don't are not similar at all; symbol '?' means that we have question etc

What does the symbol Mk means?

it means "mmmm..ok" in one nicely compacted word

What element's symbol comes from Latin word iris?

The symbol for the element Iridium is "Ir". It comes from the Greek word iris that means rainbow.