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Q: What is A four letter word ending in ey?
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A four letter word ending in ey?

They, whey, obey, prey, grey.

What is a seven letter word ending in ey?


What is a 4 letter ending in ey?


What is the rule for making plurals of words ending in constant and ey?

To form the plural of words ending in a consonant, simply add -s to the end of the word. For words ending in -ey, remove the -ey and add -eys to make the plural form.

When a word ends in a vowel and a y ay ey oy just add the ending?

Canada - end with a, holly - end with y, way - end with ay, hey _ end with ey, enjoy - end with oy,

What does the Hebrew word EY represent in English?

ey (spelled אי) is a Biblical Hebrew word meaning "where is..."

How many phonemes in the word table?

The word "table" has 4 phonemes: /t/, /ey/, /b/, and /l/.

How do say soccer in pig latin?

take the first letter and put in the back of the word and add ey to get occersey (okr-say)

What are some four letter words with 1st letter E and 2nd letter Y and 4th letter D?

According to SOWPODS (the combination of Scrabble dictionaries used around the world) there are 1 words with the pattern EY-D. That is, four letter words with 1st letter E and 2nd letter Y and 4th letter D. In alphabetical order, they are: eyed

How many phonemes are in the word monkey?

There are four phonemes in the word "monkey": /m/ /ʌ/ /ŋ/ /ki/.

What is the name of the Basque people?

Euskaldunak is the name of the Basque people.Specifically, the word is a noun in its plural form. The ending, pluralizing letter -k specifies that more than one Basque (Euskalduna) is involved. The pronunciation will be "EY-oo-SKAL-doo-NAK" by those who speak Guipuzcoan Basque.

What are some words that end with ey and sound like a?

Some examples of words that end with "ey" and sound like "ay" are ballet, convey, and survey.